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    Jessie is a multidisciplinary artist and actor based in NYC. She was born to musician parents in Minneapolis, MN and began studying violin just before her 4th birthday. As she continued her classical studies, she discovered the world of dance and trained for many years at the Minnesota Dance Theatre and School, under the direction of Lise Houlton, until her discovery of theatre in 8th grade. From there, the rest is history. She spent a few years training and performing at The Children's Theatre Company before her acceptance to Carnegie Mellon University, where she received her BFA in Acting/Musical Theatre. Following her senior year, she moved to NYC and has been keeping busy ever since. She typically splits her time between workshopping everything she can get her hands on, writing music, playing violin, dancing, reading, singing, making funny voices, and asking lots. of. questions.


    Though she loves the city, she's always had an eye on international art and culture and tries to get outside the US at least once a year when possible. She has studied theatre/performance in Bulgaria and Russia, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and continues to explore the world at large.

    The world continues to be a crazy place, but, in the words of Maya Angelou:

    "My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness."


    Swing u/s Eurydice u/s Fate in:

    Winner of EIGHT Tonys!

    The musical podcast starring Jessie Shelton and Jonathan Groff on iTunes and Spotify.

  • Theatre

    Some highlights include...


    A collaboration between singer songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and director Rachel Chavkin at New York Theatre Workshop.

    Summer 2016.


    Abrons hosted this marvel last summer...in which I used literally every skill I've got, most of them all at the same time!


    Twas at JACK that these three Salomes danced to oblivion.

    Summer 2015.

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  • Music

    Kill the Weathermen 


     violin and vocals



    (as Jessie Ryan) violin and vocals

    Open Mic w/ Alex Weston

    Nature Boy

    Brooklyn Open Mic

    w/ Alex Weston

    Dove Feathered Raven

    Film by Sophie Kuller, Music by Adrian Enscoe

    violin and vocals

  • Press

    HADESTOWN at NYTW... ​NYT Critics’ Pick!

    "[...] as the tale begins, hardship and natural disasters have come upon the land: “Flood’ll get ya if the fire don’t,” sing the Fates, portrayed by Lulu Fall, Jessie Shelton and Shaina Taub, harmonizing wonderfully."

    - Charles Isherwood

    Sonnet Repertory Theatre's The Servant of Two Masters...

    "The entire cast is multi-talented and so much fun to watch. Especially charming was Kareem M. Lucas in the non-stop role of the sweetly conniving servant, Truffaldino; Adrian Blake Enscoe and Jessie Shelton as the overwrought ingénue lovers; and Leanne Borghesi as a modern Mae West of a lady’s maid. THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS is truly a delightful evening of theater."

    -Jean Tait


    Patrick Barlow's A Christmas Carol...

    "Jessie Shelton's Ghost of Christmas Present is reminiscent of a delightfully cheeky Mrs. Lovett, with a pinch of Carol Kane's portrayal of the same ghost in Scrooged."

    -Broadway World

    The Swiss Family Robinson at NYMF...

    "Jessie Shelton, playing the ingénue, Emily Montrose, displays a fire in her performance with song and dance that easily transitions to sweet and sensitive given the situations she finds herself in."


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